Can you tell this used to be a bus barn?

By: Carla

Nov 15 2011

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Category: Commercial


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I can barely remember when this was a large drafty dusty barn full of city buses (and well before my time, streetcars.)

It’s been a Whole Foods since before Katrina, and it’s now a cornerstone of the neighborhood.

And it’s walking distance from home, so that’s a plus!

People fought this re-purposing at first, especially those that lived nearby.  Change is hard until you get used to it and can’t remember how it was before.


2 comments on “Can you tell this used to be a bus barn?”

  1. I love that they refurbed the bus barn instead of building a whole new building and then leaving the bus barn to deteriorate…Our church has refurbed an old grocery store into one of our satelite campuses and now we plan to refurb an old bank for the next campus. Upcycling is the hip thing!

    • I agree! I wish they would do this with the Charity Hospital building downtown. I really don’t understand why they would build a brand new center a few blocks away. Sigh.

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