Surprising discovery

By: Carla

Oct 05 2011

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Category: Churches, statuary


Focal Length:6.7mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

This church is mere blocks from my house and I walk past it all the time.

It was recently closed by the Archdiocese – I think because of enrollment being too low.  It’s sad to see the building abandoned.

What’s surprising is that I’ve never noticed the life-sized statue before.  I think usually the light creates a reflection in this door that’s set back from the street and you can’t see easily inside.

But when I walked by a couple of days ago, I was struck by the image of the feet and legs lit by the shaft of sunlight, and I had to get closer to see.

I like how this photo shows the reflection of the sky, power lines and buildings, and includes the modern door and crumbling stucco around it.  I had another shot that was zoomed in closer but I preferred this one.

I love that there are still so many discoveries close to home.


2 comments on “Surprising discovery”

  1. Suh-WEET photography! Definitely following your blog. Thank you for sharing!

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